February 13th, 2010

Your Memories’ services do not aim to provide answers within how to accede success in life. If our existence could give us answers to such questions old as the mankind, we would not make attempts to respond them and everybody would be more than successful. Very often, the formula that proves the success for one of us, can lead to another collapse. As God made us unique persons, He also has reserved for each of us unique answers to the challenge called life.

Your Memories intends to arouse the people’s inspirational luggage and the answers are dormant inside from the very birth of them, to encounter the minds and hearts of everyone. The web log wants to help our self-understanding as human beings, revealing and accepting the world as it is.

Discovering the individual responses to the challenges that others have had to face, we try to understand them, to love them more and to appreciate them otherwise. Their life enriches us on ours. Troubleshooting can calm and clarify our life stories.

What we offer:

  • Support in pursuing of own books with tips / stories what contains lessons / essays with a moral / proverbs / quotes / ideas and observations collected during the life etc. Books desired to be sent to love ones in form of a personalized collection of texts and wisdoms, a kind of gift from parents / relatives to children, family or friend…
  • Realization of recorded interviews with those who want to talk about their selves, their lives flow and its events, purposes, opportunities and challenges (for family and close friends, in DVD form with internal circuit).
  • Creating of custom photo albums Memories with illustrations of various aspects of life, including pictures of loved ones at different ages, significant chapters of personal history.
  • Drafting and / or creating epitaph messages / obits / funeral speech revealing the death person’s character and good-byes.
  • Video or written presentation at funerals of the death person’s “life story” (panel projection, DVD, brochure,  booklet).
  • Building the family tree (ID ascending, descending, finding the degree of relationship, the current location of relatives, as well as reconstruction of events in a given period).
  • Making anniversary albums of persons / companies, organizations  (photo and memories).

Our services focus on

    • Those who want to write a book about their lives.
    • All those concerned with the mystery of life and death.
    • To those who want to make his or her life to look back to let the others.
    • Those who want to send a message to the loved ones and / or for those who will participate to their funerals.
    • To those who want to make their analysis in remembering what is most important in their lives and not to lose sight of the real priorities.