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February 13th, 2010

Your MemoriesWelcome my friends,

At this very moment, this web log contents a series of inspirational, motivational stories, collected for the purpose of education my son, Michael

The first intention was to include them in a color listed book, a kind of wisdom lessons guide, taught from mother to son, in a way that is easily accepted by a 12 years old child and to allow further discussions on account of the matter.
Something like “the story of the day” or “suggestion of the day”… that distract you from other less positive thoughts… and lead you to self-evaluation and constructive personal development. (For nearly a year I start my daily morning “philosophy” – chat with Mickey like this: “You know what’s the story of the day ? … Let me tell you … Once upon a time …”).

My web site manager, whom I’ve asked to arrange them in Word, shared with me the idea that the printed books trend is out… the fashion of the time will prove it sooner or later… the words will being sought to spread out our thoughts. That’s why the need of web logs and online diaries… Even if I believe in the idea that a good book will plow through times of any kind … I agreed to post them here … So came alive this web log (it’s forum and site were borne before … but this a another story … I will tell you another time …).

I do not claim any possession of these stories… They are collected from various sources… Some of them translated by my fellow Ady, others sent by e-mail from friends, and also essays typed after reading them in beautiful books.

I wished to include as many messages as possible in after “transmitting” them to Mickey. I took out also spiritual and fables gender stories from other similar sites founded in my researches.

If someone bothers the posting of these stories / images without specifying the source or reproducing them without permission, especially if there are protected by copyright, I would be happy to receive any reaction for my omissions, and to correct them as soon as possible.

Also, if you desire to send me your stories which can complete the collection “The suggestion of the day”, I’m anxiously waiting to receive them on: contact@yourmemories.ro.

You are anytime welcome on this web log, to gather and feed your need of wisdoms and spiritualities. Try this kind of daily diet… miraculous effects guaranteed!

With respect and gratitude,

Psych. Mari Degeratu