God’s Signs

July 28th, 2011

God’s SignsAn old illiterate Arab used to pray with such fervour each night that the wealthy owner of the great caravan decided to summon him so as to talk to him.

‘Why do you pray with such devotion? How do you know God exists when you don’t even know how to read?”

“I do know, sir. I can read everything that the Great Celestial Father writes.”

“But how?”

The humble servant explained.

“When you receive a letter from someone far away, how do you recognize the writer?

“By the handwriting.”

“When you receive a jewel, how do you know who made it?”

“By the goldsmith’s mark.”

“When you hear animals moving about near the tent, how do you know if it was sheep, a horse, or an ox?”

“By its footprints”, replied the owner, surprised al all these questions.

The old man invited him to come outside with him and showed him the sky.

“Neither the things written up there, nor the desert down below, could have been made or written by the hand of man.”

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